Do you wish to be cremated or buried? Would you like a secular service, a religious service, or simply to go quietly?

Because each person is different, each funeral plan is unique.

This ranges from the choice of coffin to the early draft of the death announcement, including the choice of ceremony location, type of burial and even the choice of flowers.

Funeral planning guarantees that everyone’s wishes are respected and relieves relatives of any choice that may prove difficult at the time of the death of a loved one.

It also relieves the family of the financial burden of the funeral.

Azur Funeral Planning offers a wide range of services, all of which are adapted to the wishes, culture and religion of its clients.

The budget can be adjusted at a personal meeting with advisors, who offer guidance and support throughout your plan.

On our website, you can find information on creating a funeral plan, as well as financing arrangements and securing funds paid.

We will also inform you about our partners in each canton because it is important that you know who you will be in touch with.

Funeral Planning

For centuries, multiple generations of a single family lived together, and no one worried about funeral details.

Creating a plan

Are you interested in taking out a funeral plan with us but don’t know where to start?

How much does it cost?

Everything depends on whether you would prefer to give your farewell a grand or more intimate character.

In the event of a death

Have you just lost a loved one? We are also here to help and advise you in these times.

« Above all, our profession is a human profession that no digital platform can ever replace. »

Sophie BEDOIAN – Director of Pompes Funèbres Générales Genève SA



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We are here for you in these times.


Funeral planning services have been a part of the funeral business since the profession began.

Throughout history, people have wanted to anticipate their funeral arrangements. To achieve this, they have turned to a funeral director.

Until 1981, funeral plans were held with the Pompes Funèbres Générales (General Funeral Services).

While the two are still closely linked, to separate the different activities of funeral directors and funeral plans, in 1981, the Pompes Funèbres Générales SA decided to create Aléa Prévoyance Funéraire SA (Aléa Funeral Planning), the first funeral planning business in French-speaking Switzerland.

When the Pompes Funèbres Générales SA group was restructured in 2001, the Geneva, Neuchâtel and Fribourg branches were sold to become Pompes Funèbres Générales Genève SA.

In 2002, Azur Funeral Planning SA was founded in Geneva, Neuchâtel and Fribourg,

taking over all contracts held with Aléa Prévoyance Funéraire SA in the three cantons.

To date, there are only two certified funeral plan companies linked to certified funeral directors: Aléa Funeral Planning SA in the canton of Vaud since 1981, and Azur Funeral Planning SA in the cantons of Geneva, Neuchâtel and Fribourg since 2002.

Azur Funeral Planning SA has remained a small, people-oriented company since 2002, even with the surge in demand we have seen.

Our advisors are professionals in the funeral business who support families experiencing bereavement every day, in many different situations, some more complex than others. They know how to guide families in a sensitive yet efficient way.



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