How much does it cost?

Everything depends on whether you would prefer to give your farewell a grand or more intimate character.

It is your funeral arrangements that determine the cost of your plan.

The invoice corresponds to the real and total price of the funeral if it had been organised on the date when the plan is drawn up.
Once the plan has been paid in full, the contract holder need no longer pay anything.

What happens at the time of death?

The prices of the funeral directors’ supplies and services are guaranteed (as long as the plan has been settled in full), whether the death occurs within a year or 20 years later.

The only readjustment that could be made for the family when the time comes would relate to third party costs (such as increased crematorium costs, the publication of the funeral notice and flowers), since these costs are beyond our control.

« Azur Funeral Planning is often equated with insurance.
However, this is not the case. A plan is not a monthly contribution based on a death capital and calculated according to the age of the plan holder. »

Florence BEDOIAN – Administrator Azur Funeral Planning SA

That is why it is important that the invoice for the plan specifically mentions the total fee for the funeral directors and that of third party services, so that everything is transparent.

Our plans:

Azur Funeral Planning SA gives you the possibility of either:

  • Recording your wishes in the form of a will that can be amended at any time, with the guarantee that they will be carried out according to your desires.
    However, be aware that this plan does not settle the financial aspect. The rates for the funeral directors will not be fixed and your loved ones will have to cover all funeral costs at the rate in effect at the time of death.
  • Recording your wishes and paying for your funeral expenses in advance.
    This is the plan that most of our clients choose because it provides financial relief for their loved ones and freezes the cost of supplies and funeral director services.

Because each canton has different practices and fees, we will direct you to the company closest to you.

How much does it cost?


We can adjust the payment of your plan according to your needs.

Your plan can be settled in one or more instalments up to 24 months at no additional cost. In the latter case, you will be given a schedule when you sign your contract..


Azur Funeral Planning SA is a public limited company whose sole purpose is the management of funeral plans and the funds entrusted to it, guaranteeing the proper execution of the contracting parties’ wishes when the time comes.

It is therefore important that capital invested is ultimately guaranteed.

Funds are managed by Swiss financial institutions.

Azur Funeral Planning SA chooses secure investments, in francs and in Switzerland only. The returns are lower, but they carry no risk.