Funeral planning

For centuries, multiple generations of a single family lived together, and no one worried about funeral details.

This closeness naturally made it possible to know the wishes of the deceased, and what to do or say in the event of the loss of a loved one. Today, few families are in this situation.

Family members often live all over the world. For children, it is reassuring to know that their parents have planned everything and that, by the time they come back from abroad, preparations have already begun.

In addition, there can be significant conflicts within families. A funeral plan has the benefit of reassuring those involved and ensuring that everyone is in agreement.

Create a funeral plan to help you…

« We are noticing that more and more people live alone. »

Christophe Maccariello – Pompes Funèbres Hirter – Fribourg

In this case, too, it is reassuring to know that everything has been well organised and that our wishes will be respected.

Funeral planning

…but also to help your loved ones.

« We often realise with amazement the fact that we no longer know – or know very little about – the aspirations and wishes of the loved ones who leave us. »

Maurice Bolognesi – Pompes Funèbres Générales Genève SA

Talking about death with those close to us can be difficult.

Our partner funeral advisors report that many families find themselves faced with very difficult choices and organise funerals with the fear of “doing the wrong thing”.

Funeral planning resolves this issue and avoids many of the family’s doubts and fears.

It guarantees the complete fulfilment of all the wishes set out in the funeral plan.

It also offers the possibility of freeing relatives from material worries around the costs associated with the death of a loved one.

Experts in funeral plans, our partner funeral advisors are here to answer your questions and reassure you. Contact us today.


Funeral planning