Si vous avez d’autres questions, contactez-nous par mail ou par téléphone.

  • How can I contact you and where can I find you?

    You can contact us on 022 / 342 66 22.
    Our information line is available to answer you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.
    You can find our partners on the contact page.

  • I do not want to travel – can you visit me at home?

    We adapt to your wishes and we are happy to come to your home or to a
    place of your choosing.
    We can also speak with you by phone and/or email.
    Is it important that you feel as comfortable as possible when discussing your final journey.

  • Can I organise the repatriation of my body to another country?

    You can of course take out a plan for repatriation abroad.
    The conditions are the same as for the organisation of funerals in your canton, namely that the costs of supplies and funeral director services are guaranteed, as long as the plan has been settled in full at the time of death.
    Third party fees will be provisioned at the rate in effect at the time of signing the plan and will be readjusted at the time of death (such as fees for air freight or kilometres if the repatriation is by road, chancellery, consulate, and preservation care).

  • Do you provide plans for all faiths / religions?

    Of course: our partner funeral advisors know the rites of every faith and can offer you the solution that suits you best.

  • Can my plan be changed?

    You may change your wishes at any time – but only you have the right to do so.
    Under no circumstances will your relatives be able to modify your plan for you.

  • When I die, will my loved ones be able to change something if my wishes do not suit them?

    Absolutely not! Your wishes will be respected and no changes will be possible.
    This is the purpose of a funeral insurance contract: to ensure that everyone is in agreement.

  • Will the price change between the date of signing the plan and the day of my death? Will my relatives have to pay any additional fees?

    Azur Funeral Planning SA plans freeze the costs of supplies and funeral
    services. This means there will be no increase in these costs, as long as the plan has been settled in full at the time of death.
    On the other hand, third-party services (such as municipal taxes, incineration tax, death announcement in newspapers and flowers) are provisioned at the rate in effect at the time the plan is created. Adjustments may be requested by the family when arranging the funeral.
    Rest assured, the largest costs will have already been paid by you. For the most part, adjustments are not very expensive (except for in a rare few cases).

  • What should my loved ones do when the time comes?

    Along with your copy of your plan, Azur Funeral Planning SA will send you a personal card with your membership number and contact details of the funeral director in charge of arranging the funeral.
    Your relatives will need to contact them, giving your plan number, and make an appointment to arrange the funeral.

  • I would like to cancel my contract for personal reasons. Is this possible?

    You can cancel your contract at any time.
    You will be refunded, minus the cancellation fees stipulated in our terms and conditions.

  • Who can I give a copy of my plan to?

    You may give your plan to whomever you wish. Whether it’s your children, your inheritors, or whoever you feel is closest to you.
    If you are a care home resident or are hospitalised, we advise that you leave a copy in your file.
    In any event, we will send you a membership card that we recommend you keep with your proof of identity or family record book.