Can I organise the repatriation of my body to another country?

You can of course take out a plan for repatriation abroad.The conditions are the same as for the organisation of funerals in your canton, namely that the costs of supplies and funeral director services are guaranteed, as long as the plan has been settled in full at the time of death.Third party fees will be […]

Can my plan be changed?

You may change your wishes at any time – but only you have the right to do so.Under no circumstances will your relatives be able to modify your plan for you.

What should my loved ones do when the time comes?

Along with your copy of your plan, Azur Funeral Planning SA will send you a personal card with your membership number and contact details of the funeral director in charge of arranging the funeral.Your relatives will need to contact them, giving your plan number, and make an appointment to arrange the funeral.

Who can I give a copy of my plan to?

You may give your plan to whomever you wish. Whether it’s your children, your inheritors, or whoever you feel is closest to you.If you are a care home resident or are hospitalised, we advise that you leave a copy in your file.In any event, we will send you a membership card that we recommend you […]